Is Your Online Product Purchase Counterfeit?

There are occasions when the fact that a product is counterfeit is obvious. A stall at a flea market with $15 designer watches.  A table on a city street with designer purses with designer logos for $20 made from plastic.  Designer sunglasses sold in a bodega for $10.  You’re not fooling anyone when you buy those types of items and you are likely fueling a criminal enterprise.

There are other occasions when it may NOT be as obvious. You’re purchasing from a trusted online retailer such as Amazon or Walmart anticipating a genuine product to arrive. What you’re purchasing may not be luxury goods worth thousands upon thousands of dollars. It could be something as innocuous as a mobile phone adapter or a lipstick you’re buying that’s counterfeit.  These types of purchases can be dangerous for your health and safety and again, could be fueling a criminal enterprise.

If you are questioning the quality of a purchase you’ve made, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the product packaged in branded material?
  • Are the words on the package spelled correctly?
  • Is the packaging of an appropriate quality for the product?
  • Is there documentation included with the product? Should there be?
  • Is the seller well known and have you read their reviews?
  • Are you questioning the quality of the product?
  • Is the price you paid significantly less than what other sellers are offering the product for?

If the pricing is really low, the workmanship and quality of the product is questionable and there are other clues making you feel as though you may not have gotten what you were expecting, it’s probably true.

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