Cell Phone Forensics

A tremendous amount of personal information is stored, intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, on our cell phones and mobile devices. Because data that has been forensically retrieved from cell phones is court admissible, the quality and integrity of cell phone forensic techniques is crucial.

Cell and mobile phone forensics is the science of recovering data from a mobile phone or other hand-held device in a forensically sound environment. Cell phone forensics can include full data retrieval, retrieval of data on a device’s SIM/USIM and/or the optional memory cards.

cell phone forensics

Some of the types of data that may be recovered and subsequently examined include photographs, graphic files, videos files, text messages or SMS messages, call times, call logs, calendars, internet browsing histories, contact numbers, voicemails and even ringtones.

smart phone forensics

Whether working to document evidence of crimes or extracting data for a criminal trial, the honesty and ethicality of the firm selected is as important as the integrity of the data retrieved. With over 35 years of combined experience, the principals of SK Worldwide, Ltd. assist clients in obtaining the most accurate results for the best possible outcome.


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