SK Worldwide, Ltd. has over 40 years of experience with all types of counterfeiting operations.

We have proprietary databases filled with decades of intelligence and the latest information about the network of players.

The biggest problem is that many people believe counterfeiting is a harmless crime. They feel no remorse when they purchase counterfeit items—hey, it’s just another great deal. What they don’t realize, however, is that counterfeit merchandise can also be fatal. It’s one thing to buy a counterfeit t-shirt bearing the name of a well-known designer, but quite another to purchase counterfeit heart medication.

Think of the ramifications of counterfeiting to your company’s reputation. What if someone is harmed using a product with your name affixed to the label? It won’t matter that the buyer is later made aware that they used a counterfeit product. You’ll take the blame, and suffer the damages from the ensuing media frenzy.

counterfeit handbag factory

At SK Worldwide, Ltd., we’re familiar with all types of counterfeiting operations, from three-shift sweatshops to digitized modern factories. Our undercover investigators have years of experience in following small dealers to their large-scale suppliers.

Our experienced counterfeit investigators are globally available to:

  • Conduct Field Investigations
  • Secure Undercover Purchases
  • Tradeshow Monitoring/Visits
  • Conduct Seizures
  • Liaise with Enforcement Agencies
  • Project Damage Calculations
  • Expert Testimony

Our knowledge of the counterfeiting underworld, our contacts in law enforcement and our ability to prepare and organize evidence for judicial forfeiture proceedings has assisted corporations globally to enforce their rights in both criminal and civil cases, and has made SK Worldwide, Ltd. a front-runner in anti-counterfeiting solutions and investigations.


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