Domain Name Acquisitions

At SK Worldwide, Ltd we can serve as the anonymous liaison in the acquisition of domain names.

We are able to locate the owner of the domain name in question, ascertain whether or not the name is being used, and determine the method and costs involved in obtaining the necessary domain name.

SK Worldwide, Ltd. carefully safeguards our client’s identity knowing that discretion is paramount to fair negotiations and ultimately, a fair and reasonable price. Unlike other firms, SK Worldwide, Ltd. has not been identified by squatters and domain name typo scammers as being a party to avoid negotiations with. Based upon similar sales and our decades of experience, SK Worldwide is able to consult with your firm as to the proper price to offer and pay for any given domain name.

Our domain acquisition services can include:

  • Background research
  • Fair market value
  • Negotiations using undisclosed third parties
  • Management of purchase and transfer
  • Protected domain registrant identification
  • Use of independent escrow service
  • Typo domain name recovery and registrant identification
domain name acquisitions

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