SK Worldwide is familiar with the signs of product diversion. Because of our experience in this field, we are to identify the paper trail cost-effectively and efficiently.

Product diversion has never been one of the most obvious methods of intellectual property theft. After all, the goods are genuine, no factories are needed, and manufacturers are still receiving compensation for their products. But when a company expects to extend its reach overseas and gets swindled by a diverter who distributes the products in unintended markets, it can have a serious effect on that business’s bottom line.

SK Worldwide, Ltd. also gives you proactive measures to prevent product diversion from happening in the first place – or ever again. In addition to regularly analyzing all documentation, we’ll help you establish stronger contractual agreements between manufacturers and distributors, and emphasize to all employees the legal ramifications of product diversion operations.

If you suspect product diversion at your company, or want to prevent product diversion in the future, call SK Worldwide, Ltd. today. We’ll make sure your products reach their intended destination.

Our services typically may include:

  • Document Examination
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Undercover Operations
  • Use of Informants
  • Use of SK Worldwide’s Proprietary Database Encompassing 20 Years of Intelligence
  • Monitoring of Domestic and International Markets
  • Monitor Wholesalers/Online Stores/Trade Boards/News Groups/Internet Locations Using Multilingual Technology including Asian and Arabic languages
  • Project Damage Calculations
  • Expert Testimony
  • Tradeshow Monitoring/Visits
anti-diversion investigator

SK Worldwide’s team of expert investigators and researchers are specially trained to spot the signs of diversion, and how to identify potentially criminal activity. Utilizing proprietary software and databases, undercover operations and our extensive knowledge of diversion techniques, SK Worldwide, Ltd. is able to uncover the true story of what is occurring. Additionally, we will assist in establishing procedures to hinder future occurrences of diversion.


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